Private Water Supplies

If the water supplied to a property does not originate from a water company but is extracted from a natural spring, well or borehole it is a private water supply.

Under the Private Water Supply Regulations 2016 the District Council have a duty to risk assess and monitor the quality of the water if it supplies two or more properties.

The owners and consumers of a private water supply that only serves a single property can request Environmental Health to undertake a risk assessment and sampling.

The council monitors the quality of the water supplied by sampling for specific parameters specified in the regulations, and additionally for chemical or bacteriological parameters identified as potential contaminants as a result of the risk assessment process. 

There are charges associated with carrying out risk assessments, sampling visits and investigations. 

It is the responsibility of the owner of a private water supply to ensure that the supply is protected against any potential source of contamination.
Where a failure in the water quality is detected, the owner will be required to take whatever action is necessary to ensure compliance with the required standards.