Light Pollution

Light pollution is a side effect of our industrial society. It comes from sources such as:

  • domestic exterior and interior lighting
  • commercial properties
  • factories
  • streetlights
  • sporting venues

Light pollution has an effect on energy wastage, ecosystems and interference with astronomical observations. Light trespass can effect human health causing fatigue, loss of sleep, headaches and loss of amenity.

Specific categories of light pollution include:

  • light trespass which occurs when unwanted light enters a property from a neighbouring property
  • over illumination where there is an excessive use of light
  • glare resulting in excessive contrast between bright and dark areas in the field of view i.e. directly viewing the filament of an unshielded or badly shielded light
  • clutter which refers to excessive groupings of lights and may generate confusion and distract from obstacles intended to be illuminated.
  • sky glow which refers to the "glow" effect that can be seen over populated areas

For further information or advice please refer to our Light Pollution leaflet

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