Contaminated Land

Throughout the UK there are thousands of sites which have been contaminated by past activities or practices.  These sites may pose a risk to human health and / or the wider environment. 

Mid Sussex District Council's Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy explains how the Council identifies, inspects and deals with contaminated land.  In addition, we have produced an Inspection Strategy Update and Review 2013 document, which presents our progress in implementing the strategy, as well as other significant changes that have occurred within the district and nationally. 

Public Register

Local Authorities are required to maintain a Public Register of Contaminated Land .  In the register you will find information such as:

  • Remediation notices
  • Appeals against remediation notices
  • Remediation declarations
  • Remediation statements
  • Appeals against charging notices
  • Designation of special sites
  • Notification of claimed remediation
  • Convictions for offences under Section 78M of the Act
  • Guidance issued under Section 78V(1) of the Act
  • Other matters prescribed by Regulations 

The public register does not include details of historic land use and other information used in the identification and investigation of potentially contaminated land, or information on sites where the pollution has already been removed through the planning and development control process.

The absence of an entry on the register does not guarantee that:

  • the land is free from contamination, as it may not have been fully assessed
  • the contamination present does not pose significant risk
  • contamination present is not polluting controlled waters

Accessing the public register

The contaminated land register is available for inspection free of charge at the Council offices during office hours. A standard fee is charged for copying any information from the contaminated land public register. The register is in electronic and paper format.  Or you can look at the Summary of the Register.

Please note, at present there are no entries on the District Council’s Public Register of Contaminated Land.

Environmental Information Regulations

Information regarding Contaminated Land is provided by the Council in accordance with the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. A charge of £50 for up to 2 hours work is normally applicable to such requests.

Other useful information relating to the contaminated land are the Environmental Information Regulations and Land Contamination Planning Advice Note.

Contaminated Land and the Planning Process

Land contamination is a material planning consideration. Mid Sussex District Council has prepared a planning advice note to assist developers and their agents when submitting information regarding land contamination as part of the planning process.


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