Stonepound Crossroads Air Quality Management Area Hassocks

This area was designated an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) with DEFRA in March 2012 due to the measured levels of nitrogen dioxide being above the objective. 

The main reasons for the crossroads being affected by air pollution are the volumes of road traffic and the stop start routine of driving conditions at peak times, caused by the queuing traffic at the traffic lights.  The area is on the brow of a hill and is partly lined with trees.

The boundary of the AQMA has been defined on the basis of the areas which are, or are likely to exceed the air quality objectives for nitrogen dioxide and where there is “relevant exposure”, that is places where people live close to the road.

The AQMA includes parts of Keymer Road, Brighton Road, London Road and Hurst Road.  

An Action Plan was approved by the Council’s Cabinet on 11 September 2013 and subsequently approved by Defra.

A Steering Group has been established to implement the Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP), chaired by the Cabinet Member for Health and Community. It

It includes local District, County and Parish Councillors, together with officers from local government and other relevant organisations, as required.

In order for Stonepound Crossroads to be revoked as an Air Quality Management Area, annual air quality monitoring data will need to show levels of air pollution at consistently below the target.


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