Air Quality

The Environmental Health Section undertakes monitoring for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) at sites throughout the district.

Nitrogen dioxide is a colourless gas produced by combustion processes and is emitted from vehicle exhausts.

It can have an adverse health impact at high levels. To protect the public a level is set by legislation that is sufficiently low that the concentration of nitrogen dioxide normally found is unlikely to have any health effects.

We also submit an annual report on air quality in our area to the department of the environment, food and rural affairs (defra).

Mid Sussex District Council are members of the Sussex Air Quality Partnership (Sussex Air) which benefits from the co-ordinated monitoring of air pollutants across the region.

Recent air quality reports undertaken are:

The Updating & Screening Assessment 2009 identified that NO2 concentrations were likely to exceed the annual objective of 40 ug/m3 at dwellings at Stonepound Crossroads, Hassocks. Further monitoring was undertaken and a Detailed Assessment was completed in 2011. This confirmed that the objective would be exceeded in the area, which meant that it had to be designated an Air Quality Management Area with defra. The Council has since published an action plan, approved by defra,which can be viewed at Stonepound Crossroads AQMA Hassocks and sets out how air quality may be improved to meet the objective.

Sussex Air - airAlert and coldAlert services

airAlert - Sussex Air offers to residents of Sussex a free service which provides an early warning of poor air quality by text/SMS, voice-mail or e-mail for individuals with asthma or poor respiratory health.

coldAlert - Sussex Air offers to residents in Sussex free cold weather alerts. The service is open over the winter months, normally from November – March, and sends alerts by text/SMS, voice-mail or e-mail to individuals who may be susceptible to the cold weather.

To receive local air pollution alerts and /or cold weather alerts you need to register at


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