Risk Assessment

Every year, thousands of people in the UK are injured at work, or have their health seriously harmed in the workplace. Risk Assessment is a process that requires you carefully examine what in your work could cause harm to people. Having looked at the risks you will then be able to decide if you have taken enough precautions to protect people or identify if you need to do more to prevent harm.

The HSE has provided a booklet that provides simple guidance in carrying out a risk assessment - 5 steps to risk assessments.

Employers with five or more employees must record the significant findings of their risk assessment. It needs to be part of an employer's overall approach to health and safety and where appropriate should be linked to other relevant health and safety documents (e.g. a policy statement). This record would normally be in writing but can also be recorded electronically as long as it is retrievable.

For further guidance please see the Health and Safety Executive website that provides some examples of risk assessments for different types of businesses.


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