Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

We participate in a national scheme introduced by the Food Standards Agency. The scheme means that food premises in the District are given a rating based on their food hygiene, which is published through the Food Standards Agency website. Ratings can be displayed by the owner in their food premises. The aim is to provide members of the public with easily accessible information on food hygiene to allow them to make a more informed choice of where to eat. This rewards the better performing businesses and provides an incentive to owners with poor food hygiene to improve.

What type of businesses are included in the scheme?

Most food businesses are covered by the scheme including restaurants, shops, cafes, takeaways, delicatessens, care homes, hotels, pubs, schools and hospitals.

How are food businesses rated?

Ratings are based on the level of risk that a food premises poses to customers from their food hygiene arrangements.  The scheme does not reflect the quality of the food being served, but how hygienically the food is prepared.  Three criteria are used for providing a rating:

  • Food hygiene and safety- food handling practices, cooking, chilling, preventing cross contamination and temperature control.
  • Structure and cleaning- cleanliness, layout, condition of the structure, lighting, ventilation, facilities etc.
  • Confidence in management- the track record of the business, attitude of the present management towards hygiene and safety, hygiene and food safety technical knowledge available and satisfactory documented procedures.

The rating system is on a six-point scale from 0 (urgent improvement necessary) to 5 (very good). There is a link from our website to that of the Food Standards Agency, where all the food business ratings are available. The owners of food businesses are issued with a certificate for them to display to the public in their food premises. Display of the rating is voluntary. Ratings are based upon what was found on the day of inspection by our Food and Safety Team. 

Food Hygiene Rating List

You can look up the ratings of food businesses in Mid Sussex, such as your favourite restaurant, café, or takeaway to check whether it has a good standard of hygiene by accessing the national food hygiene ratings list on the Food Standards Agency website. Here you can search for Mid Sussex food businesses by name, street and postcode.

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - Businesses

As part of the scheme, businesses are given a sticker showing the rating achieved, which they are asked to display. Businesses may appeal against their rating, request a revisit to be re-rated and/or post a "right of reply" on the Food Standards Agency website. Food business operators can use the following forms to request any of these services:

The FSA has produced a safeguards for food businesses guide, which sets out further information about the procedures for appeal, right to reply and request for a revisit. We have also produced a food hygiene checklist that shows how a food business operator can achieve a higher rating.

Further information

If you have any queries about the introduction of the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in Mid Sussex, please contact the Food and Safety Team, Tel: 01444 477433. Email