Severe Weather Events - Survey

Help us to prepare for a changing climate

The South East region of the UK is projected to experience the greatest change in climate. In order to prepare for this we need to compile a ‘Local Climate Impacts Profile', this is a resource that will help us to better understand our exposure to weather and climate. It involves looking at severe weather events that have happened in the past and how they have affected the community, infrastructure and service delivery.

Compiling this information is an important first step in preparing for the future. To do this we need you help. We all like to talk about the weather, now is the chance to get it on record. If you have you been affected by a severe weather event in Mid Sussex please let us know the details by filling in the form below.

As an example the extreme weather event would be high temperature and the consequence may be that the school had to close because it was too hot for the children.

Complete the Severe Weather Events Survey here.