Emergency Planning - Overview and Contact

This page provides information about the Council's role in planning for emergencies in Mid Sussex.

The District Council has a duty under the Civil Contingencies Act to provide assistance to the emergency services, should a major incident be declared in Mid Sussex.

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What is the role of Mid Sussex District Council in preparing for emergencies?

Should a major incident occur in Mid Sussex, it would be the role of the District Council to:

  • Support the emergency services
  • Assist people who have been affected
  • Support the community during the recovery process
  • Provide public information via the media
  • Maintain essential Council services as usual

What does the Council provide?

The Council may provide assistance in a number of ways depending on the nature of the emergency, such as:

  • A Rest Centre to provide emergency shelter following an evacuation. These are normally supported by voluntary sector organisations to meet the basic needs of those evacuated during a local emergency. If an emergency requires people to be evacuated from their homes for a prolonged period of time, the Council can also assist in finding alternative accommodation.
  • An Emergency Control Centre to coordinate the Council's response
  • Additional equipment and staffing to assist with the response and clean-up operation
  • Advice, guidance, and monitoring in relation to any environmental impacts of the emergency
  • Advice on dangerous structures
  • Information to the general public

MSDC Emergency Plan

In order to carry out these roles, it is necessary for the Council to have in place a robust set of emergency plans.

The Council produces and maintains its Emergency Plan to specify the roles and responsibilities of key personnel when responding to a major emergency.

The Mid Sussex District Council Emergency Plan is available to view or download below.

Mid Sussex Emergency Plan

The Sussex Resilience Forum

The emergency services and local authorities work together in partnership known as the Sussex Resilience Forum. The main purpose of the Sussex Resilience Forum is to ensure that situations which could cause harm to people, the environment or our security are identified and managed effectively.

The Sussex Resilience Forum have produced a booklet entitled 'Community Information on Risks in Sussex'. Download the Community Risks booklet  or go to the Sussex Resilience Forum website.

The District Council works closely with local Town and Parish Councils in preparing for emergencies. The aim of this work to make local communities better prepared for emergencies so that they can assist the response and recovery should an incident occur.

Go to the Cabinet Office website, which contains the relevant guidance and a template for your Community Emergency Plan.

For further information on preparing for and responding to emergencies, please visit the following websites:

For further information on the Council's emergency planning arrangements please contact the Emergency Planning Officer on 01444 477379 or email emergencies@midsussex.gov.uk