2011 Local Elections and Referendum

Elections for the District Council, and for Town and Parish Councils throughout the district were held on 5th May 2011.  Please see the link to the left for the results of these elections.

A UK Referendum concerning the parliamentary voting system was also held that day. You can find the result in the Electoral Commission's past referendum section.

The Parish of Fulking did not receive enough nominations to be quorate. A second election has therefore been scheduled for 16th June 2011.



District Council Notice of Election

District Council Statement of Persons Nominated

District Council Notice of Poll

District Council Notice of Agents

District Council Declaration of Results

Towns and Parishes

Parish Councils Notice of Election

Statement of Persons Nominated for Town Councils

Parish Council Statement of Persons Nominated

Declaration of Results for Uncontested Parishes

Fulking Parish Council Notice of Election

Burgess Hill Town Council Declaration of Result

East Grinstead Town Council Declaration of Result

Haywards Heath Town Council Declaration of Result


Notice of Referendum

Notice of Poll


Electors Timetable for May 5th 2011 Election (pdf, 39kb)

Information for Voters


  • Citizens of the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Commonwealth countries and British Overseas territories are eligible to vote at the UK referendum and the local elections.
  • Citizens of European Union countries are not eligible to vote at the referendum, but are eligible to vote at the local elections.
  • To vote you must be on the Register of Electors. To check if you are registered call the helpline on 01444 477003 or email elections@midsussex.gov.uk


  • For the referendum vote either YES or NO by placing an X in the box next to your choice.
  • For the local elections the ballot paper will tell you how many candidates you may vote for. Vote by placing an X in the box next to their name. 
  • Do not mark the ballot paper in any other way or your vote may not be counted.

Absent Voting:

  • Any registered voter can apply to vote by post if they wish.
  • Postal votes cannot be sent out until after the close of nominations, so please bear in mind that in some cases they are unlikely to arrive more than 6 working days prior to polling.
  • Postal votes can be sent to an alternative address if required.
  • Proxy votes can also be set up for a single election if postal voting is not an appropriate option.
  • Please see our page on Absent Voting for details on how to apply.