Mid Sussex Community Governance Reviews 2013

The town boundaries in East Grinstead and Burgess Hill were moved as part of the County Council Boundary Review in 2009. This meant that the Baldwins Town Ward no longer coincided with the Baldwins District Ward and the Town Ward at East Grinstead was split in two when at District level it remained as one Ward. At Burgess Hill the Meeds Ward at Town level was split in two but the Meeds Ward at district level remained as one. At the May 2011 elections this resulted in confusion for some voters, an additional polling station being required at East Grinstead and a rerun of the Town elections for Meeds Ward in Burgess Hill.

At Hassocks there were three separate wards all of which were regarded as Hassocks but because they were separate wards an election was required because one ward had too many candidates whereas overall the three wards put together had the correct number of candidates. The election was an unnecessary expense to Hassocks Parish Council.

Following a request from East Grinstead Town Council, Burgess Hill Town Council and Hassocks Parish Council we have reviewed the boundaries at Town/Parish level through a Community Governance Review pursuant to the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007.

At its Council meeting on 25th July 2013 the District Council agreed the following changes:

1. To merge the two East Grinstead Town Council seats to form one Ward known as Town Ward with 4 members to give the same boundaries as the District Council Town Ward.

2. To move some town council electors from Imberhorne Ward to Baldwins Ward to coincide with the District Council ward boundaries for Imberhorne and Baldwins with 3 members in the smaller Imberhorne Ward and 4 members in the enlarged Baldwins Ward.

The Mid Sussex District (Reorganisation of Community Governance Order East Grinstead) 2013 (pdf, 5792kb)

Map of Proposed Town Ward Boundaries for East Grinstead (pdf, 4176kb)

Map to show merger of Town North and Town South wards (pdf, 8290kb)

Map to show the area to be transferred to Baldwins Ward (pdf, 6017kb)

3. To merge the Burgess Hill Town Council Wards at Meeds North and Meeds South to create one ward known as Meeds Ward with three members with the same boundaries as the District Council Ward of the same name.

The Mid Sussex District (Reorganisation of Community Governance Order Burgess Hill) 2013 (pdf, 1880kb)

Map to show proposed Burgess Hill Town Ward Boundary (pdf, 1130kb)

Map to show merger of Meeds North and Meeds South wards (pdf, 8727kb)

4. To merge the 3 Hassocks Parish Council Wards of Keymer North, Keymer South and Stoneponds into one ward known as Hassocks Ward with 14 members.

The Mid Sussex District (Reorganisation of Community Governance Order Hassocks) 2013 (pdf, 1897kb)

Map of Proposed Hassocks Parish Council Ward Boundaries (pdf, 1211kb)

Map to show merger of Keymer North, Keymer South and Stonepound wards (pdf, 5808kb)

These changes will take effect on 1st April 2015 ahead of the next elections scheduled for May 2015 and will result in one extra Town Councillor in East Grinstead but the same number of councillors in Burgess Hill and Hassocks.