Community Governance Review of Hassocks Parish Council

Mid Sussex District Council is undertaking a community governance review of Hassocks Parish Council.  The Parish Council currently has four wards:

  • Clayton
  • Keymer North
  • Keymer South
  • Stonepound

The terms of reference for the review have been agreed by Mid Sussex District Council and are to consider:

  • The merger of the wards of Keymer North, Keymer South and Stonepound into a single ward
  • The name of such a merged ward if created.


When Hassocks Parish Council was created in 2000 by the merger of Clayton and Keymer parishes a warding structure was put in place reflecting the origins of the council. The four wards are Clayton, Keymer North, Keymer South and Stonepound. 

In previous Parish Council elections, there has been a mixture of contested and uncontested elections across the wards. At the 2011 election, the number of candidates nominated equalled the number of seats across the whole council. Clayton and Stonepound wards were uncontested, while Keymer North and Keymer South had more candidates than seats and were therefore contested. The Parish Council still had vacancies in Stonepound ward that were filled by co-option after polling day. The Parish Council’s view is that this was an unnecessary process as the original number of candidates did not exceed the number of seats. The Parish Council support the merging of the Keymer North, Keymer South and Stonepound wards and formally requested that Mid Sussex District Council undertake a Community Governance Review. It is considered that Clayton retains a particular character and should remain as a separate ward. The proposals will not involve any changes in the number of Hassocks Parish Councillors.

More detailed information can be found in the report to Council on 10 November 2011


Mid Sussex District Council is now conducting a twelve week consultation period, running from 8 March 2013 to 31 May 2013.
You can submit your views by email to or by writing to:

The Chief Executive
Mid Sussex District Council
Oaklands Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 1SS

Following the consultation exercise, proposals will be considered by the Council’s Leader and Service Delivery Scrutiny Committee on 2 July and then by Full Council on 24 July 2013

Any changes to be made to the electoral arrangements for Burgess Hill Town Council will come into effect at the next full elections of town and parish councillors in May 2015.