Message from the Council Leader Garry Wall regarding Council Tax changes

Dear Residents, 

Recent years have presented challenges to everyone who lives and works in our local area and to the nation as a whole. 

Whether you work for a small or large company, are involved in business or manage a household budget you will be very aware that both personal and public finances must adapt to the financial climate. 

At Mid Sussex we have always taken a pragmatic and long-term approach to our finances. This allows us to maintain the quality and levels of service that you expect. We have been doing this at a time when we are experiencing increasing demand and reducing income from central government. 

As recently as 2010 we received nearly £7m in support grant from central government, contributing to the delivery of your public services. Now, in 2018/19, that funding grant has diminished annually to zero. As a result, we are now a self-sufficient Council. 

Our aim has always been to deliver value for money. We provide the best range of services we can, support our local economy by encouraging inward investment and maintain our long-term support for the voluntary sector. Our Leisure services, following significant investment, are the envy of many, our Health and Well-Being service has worked successfully with more people than ever before and, with your help, we have recycled more waste, reducing our reliance on landfill. 

In a changing world we need to ensure the services we provide are flexible and able to adapt to future demands. This year’s budget proposals do require an increase in Council Tax and for good reason. We can’t stand still. Local services are important and highly valued, and investment is needed if we are to ensure our communities can grow and look to the District Council with confidence. These investments are focussed on local priorities and key services that we know will make a positive difference to residents and businesses across the District. 

In recent years we were able to freeze Council Tax for 5 years in a row. We are the 3rd lowest Tax Authority in Sussex and will remain so. This year’s Budget proposals propose an increase of 3.2% p.a. A modest rise of £4.95 p.a. at Band D levels. This represents excellent value for money. 

Our Budget proposals for 2018/19 are published this week and will be scrutinised at a meeting on January 30th. Please look at the proposed Budget, your comments are most welcome and can be made in writing or via the Councils website.


Garry Wall


Mid Sussex District Council