Sustainable Travel

easitMID SUSSEX aim is to provide employees in Mid Sussex with sustainable travel options and choices to reduce the amount of Single Occupied Vehicles coming to the area and the dependency on car use.

Business benefits

  • Parking problems are addressed/ reduced/ eliminated
  • Reduction of on-site parking costs
  • Reduced on-site congestion
  • Recruitment/ retention improved due to improved journeys to work
  • Corporate image is improved
  • Improved customer/ visitor experience
  • Improved staff health and wellbeing
  • Neighbour relations are improved
  • Environmental and social obligations are met

Staff benefits

  • Parking can be guaranteed for those who most need it
  • Primary designated parking spaces for car sharers
  • Reduction in travel costs
  • Equal opportunities are provided; travel perks are based on sustainability rather than seniority
  • Journeys to work can be simpler/ quicker
  • Opportunities exist to build exercise into daily routines
  • Journey times can be reduced

Community benefits

  • Public transport is improved
  • Local streets are safer, quieter and less polluted
  • Illegal or inconsiderate parking is reduced
  • Cycling and walking infrastructure is improved
  • The environment is improved, making a better place to live, work and visit


  • Discounted bus and rail travel
  • Try a bike scheme
  • Car share
  • Travel planning

Further Information

For further information, visit:
Telephone: 01306 88 66 77