Gatwick Diamond

Located between London and Brighton and centred on Gatwick Airport, the vision is "By 2016 the Gatwick Diamond will be a world class, internationally recognised business location achieving sustainable prosperity". All of Mid Sussex lies within the Gatwick Diamond which has been recognised as a key economic growth area of the South East.

Delivering the vision requires a step change in the economic performance of the Gatwick Diamond by offering first rate operating conditions for business, attracting new investment, being served by excellent links to other UK and international economic centres and being supported by a highly motivated, knowledgeable work force. It is recognised that this vision should be demonstrably achieved in the most socially and environmentally sustainable way.

Mid Sussex District Council is a key player in the Gatwick Diamond Partnership and is working closely with its public and private sector partners to help to transform the region into a world-class place in which to live, work and do business. 

For further information on the Gatwick Diamond, please visit the Gatwick Diamond website:

Gatwick Diamond 

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