Business Continuity

Could your Business Survive a Serious Crisis?

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  • Are you aware of any hazards or threats which could disrupt your normal business operations?
  • How likely is it that disruption will occur and how severe could the impact be?
  • What is your 'plan B' if your normal arrangements are curtailed?
  • Have you written a Business Continuity Plan and shared this with stakeholders?
  • Have you tested your emergency and business continuity arrangements?

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Points to consider

Prepare for business interruption, so that you can be as self-sufficient as possible during a disruptive incident. During a crisis, you may not be able to rely on others for help.

Start by looking at the main risks to your business. For example:

  • How safe and secure are your premises? How vigilant are your staff? Where would you go if you have to evacuate?
  • Are your premises vulnerable to severe weather or flooding? Are there any measures in place to protect your business? 
  • Are you reliant on components or services from oversees suppliers who may be located in disaster prone regions?
  • Do you have back-up plans if these systems fail?

To help with this process and get an overview of your main risks, try our free Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire.

We recommend that you write down your emergency and business continuity arrangements and make sure that the whole team would know what to do in the event of a crisis.

The Business Emergency Resilience Group 10 Minute Plan should get you started.

Further guidance is provided in the Sussex Local Authority Emergency Planning Group Business Continuity Advice document.

By following this Business Continuity Plan Template you can develop a simple business continuity plan that could be invaluable if your business suffers from disruption.

The Mid Sussex District Council Business Continuity Plan has been drafted using the latest good practice guidelines. If you would like more advice on Business Continuity, please contact the Emergency Planning and Outdoor Services Manager on 01444 477379 or via e-mail at

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