Property and Asset Maintenance

The Council's Corporate Estates & Facilities Team is an in-house team of professional and technical officers dealing with all Council-owned property assets. A full listing of land and property assets can be found on DataShare, our open data site.

The property assets fall into the following categories:

  • Operational properties (i.e. where the Council operates its services from) – for example, the Council offices at Oaklands, pavilions, public toilets, public car parks;
  • Tenanted non-residential properties – these are properties held for other purposes and some of which are rented to third parties (for example, shops, industrial properties etc).
  • Council-owned drainage assets – attenuation tanks, culverts, balancing ponds and trash screens.

The in-house team’s function is to provide the Council with the technical skills to manage its property assets. The team is not available for use as a professional advisory service to the general public.

Asset Maintenance

The Asset Maintenance and Drainage part of the team deal with the repair, maintenance and improvement projects (for example, extensions to or refurbishment) of the Council’s assets. This includes ensuring all assets meet statutory compliance (legionella, gas safety, asbestos etc)


The Property Surveyors work with the asset maintenance officers on the management of operational properties but also deal with the management of the tenanted non-residential property portfolio. This includes a range of properties from premises occupied by tennis clubs, grazing land to town centre shopping centre assets.

The team provides a range of in-house advice as follows:

  • General in-house valuation advice on all aspects of the Council’s property assets including asset valuations for accounting purposes, fire reinstatement valuations, disposals and all other purposes;
  • Negotiation of all occupational / property agreements (leases, licences, easements);
  • Disposals or acquisitions of land and property on behalf of the Council.
  • Working with partners to facilitate town centre regeneration projects utilising Council assets where possible.