Land Purchase Enquiries

In order to consider your request to purchase Council owned land, you must submit your application in writing to telling us:

  • Where the land is, including a map of the area with the land highlighted
  • Why you wish to buy the land, and
  • What you will use the land for

You will need to pay a non-refundable administration fee of £100 to cover some of the costs in processing the application. Payment of the fee does not guarantee that the application will be approved.

The Estates department will examine the enquiry and consult with relevant departments of the Council, Elected Members and other interested stakeholders such as your neighbours, if necessary. This process will take approximately 12 weeks but can take longer.

The Council will then decide if it wishes to sell or keep the land. The Council is obliged to seek the best price reasonably obtainable for its assets, which could mean that if the land (and/or buildings) could be of interest to other parties, the Council must advertise it for sale on the open market. In such a case, you would be notified of the sale details and invited to make an offer along with any other interested party. Please note the administration fee would not be refundable.

The Council is not bound to sell or lease any land (and/or property) that it holds for strategic and investment or other purposes.

Additional Costs

In addition to the cost of purchasing the land, the purchaser would need to pay the Council’s Legal and Surveyor’s fees as well as any additional fees incurred outside of the Council such as the purchaser’s own Solicitor’s fees.

If the land you wish to purchase is held as Public Open Space, the Local Government Act 1972 requires the Council to advertise the disposal of Public Open Space in a local newspaper for two consecutive weeks and to consider any objections received.  You will need to pay for the cost of advertising and will be given an estimate of the likely cost at the time. You will then be invoiced for the advertising costs.  If we receive any objections to the disposal, these will have to be considered before a decision is made.

There may be restrictive covenants on the land from a prior owner and the Council may need to seek permission to release the covenants before proceeding. You may incur an additional fee from the prior owner for this process.

If your request to purchase land involves changing the use of that land (for example, from open space to private garden land) then it is recommended that you seek advice of the Council's Planning, Licensing and Building Control Department ( before you submit your application. Please note that the Council as Land owner is different from the Planning Authority. Therefore although you may be granted planning consent, this does not guarantee that your application to the Council as land owner will be approved.