Land Ownership Enquiries

Land Ownership

We can advise you if land within the district is owned by the Council. Please contact us as below, or e-mail us at:

Please note that we only hold information in respect of land within the Council's ownership - if we do not own the land we cannot tell you who does. In these instances, we suggest you contact the Land Registry at:

Land Registry
Durham Office
Southfield House
Southfield Way

Tel: 0844 892 1111 (Calls to this number attract a pence per minute charge. Please contact the company concerned to find out their charges)

Website: Land Registry


To report Travellers in the Mid Sussex District, please contact us on 01444 477198.

If Travellers are considered to be causing a Statutory Nuisance, either on public or private land, action can be taken by the Environmental Protection Team.

Please contact the Team Administrator on 01444 477198 for further assistance.