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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)


The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) was introduced by the Government in 2010. The purpose of CIL is to raise funds from developers to help pay for infrastructure that is required to support new development across the district. The Community Infrastructure Levy will largely replace the existing system of Section 106 Planning Obligations.

There should be no circumstances where a developer is paying CIL and Section 106 for the same infrastructure in relation to the same development. The Council will clearly set out what infrastructure it intends to fund through Section 106 and CIL through a Regulation 123 Infrastructure List.

Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule

The Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule sets out the charges that will have to be paid to fund new infrastructure.

The Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule will be considered by the Scrutiny Committee for Planning and Economic Development on 7th July 2015, and Council on 22nd July 2015. Should Council approve the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule for public consultation, this will take place for 6 weeks at the end July to September 2015 (dates to be confirmed).

Background documents

Mid Sussex Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The Community Infrastructure Levy timetable is set out in the Local Development Scheme 


Contact: Planning Policy

E-mail: planningpolicy@midsussex.gov.uk

Telephone: 01444 - 477053

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