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Controlled Parking Zone

EAST GRINSTEAD town operates a Controlled Parking Zone, made up of an Inner Zone (Zone A) and an Outer Zone (Zone B), for the use of residents and other road users. Entry boards tell drivers when they are entering each Zone.

The hours of operation for each Zone are:

  • Zone A - 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday, excluding bank holidays
  • Zone B - 10am to 11am and 2pm to 3pm Monday to Saturdays, excluding bank holidays

Application forms for the permits available, and their supporting notes, can be found below. Please note that by applying for a permit, you are agreeing with all the terms and conditions and declaring that all the information submitted is true and to the best of your knowledge accurate. If any information is false, the permit will be cancelled and further action taken by the Council.

Please allow up to 5 working days for all permits to be processed and posted

Waiting List: Please note there is currently a waiting list in operation for all roads in Zone B, for Non-Resident Permits. To put your name onto the waiting list please call Parking Services on 01444 477212. Please also be aware that at this time Parking Services do not give out any Non-Resident Permits for Zone A, and there is no waiting list for this zone.

Permit types and how to get one
Type of Permit Application Form Application Guidance + Terms & Conditions Change of Vehicle* 
Resident Permit  Resident Permit  Resident Permit  Resident Permit
Non-Resident Permit Non-Resident Permit  Non-Resident Permit  Non-Resident Permit
Healthcare  Healthcare Permit  Healthcare Permit  N/A

*If you currently have a Resident or Non-Resident Permit, but you wish to change the registration number on it, then please click the link and follow the instructions. Please note Healthcare permit holders cannot currently use this facility

Permit Prices

Permit types and their prices
Permit Type Zone A Zone B All Zones Notes
Residents Permit (1st) £40 £25 n/a For use only in a bay which states it is a Resident or a Shared Use Bay*
Subsequent Residents Permits £80 £50  n/a The same rules apply as the Residents Permit
Visitor Permits 35p / 2hours    30p / 2hours n/a   For use in the same way as a Resident Permit, but only for two hours.  They can be purchased from East Grinstead Library (proof of residency must accompany the purchase) in books of 10 for £3.00
Daily Visitor Permits £1.40 n/a n/a For use in the same way as a Resident Permit, but are valid for the whole day. They can be purchased from East Grinstead Library (proof of residency must accompany the purchase) in books of 5 for £7.00
Non Resident Permits (Restricted) £250     £150 n/a These can only be used in a resident or Shared Use Bay* in the street stated on the permit
Resident Permit for Disabled FREE FREE n/a The same rules apply as a Residents Permit
Resident Carer Permits £20         £20  n/a   The same rules apply as a Residents Permit
Healthcare Permits n/a     n/a     £10 These can be used in either Zone in a Resident or Shared Use Bay*
Pay and Display 30p / 20mins n/a  n/a                This is for use in a Pay and Display or Shared Use Bay*

* A Shared Use bay has a mix of controls such as residents and pay and display.  Please read the signs carefully to make sure you are parking in the right bay.

The area covered by East Grinstead's CPZ is illustrated on this East Grinstead Parking Zone map. It shows the area the Zones cover only. 

For specific details about each road, you will need to visit West Sussex County Council's Traffic Regulation Page. It has a browser which will bring up a map of each road and the type of restrictions it has. 

Every type of restriction will have a sign, with the exception of all the single yellow lines. Single yellow lines usually have a sign to accompany them in a normal road, but in a Controlled Parking Zone they are not required as the entry boards indicate the time of the restriction.

Dispensation Notices

Dispensations are issued to commercial/works vehicles and trades people such as plumbers, electricians and telephone engineers, allowing parking in permit holder bays, pay & display bays as well as yellow lines (not taxi ranks, disabled bays or loading bays) at or near customer’s properties, providing easy access to tools and equipment. Dispensation Notices do not allow the vehicle to remain once the dispensation purpose has been fulfilled. At that time the motorist is required to park elsewhere and lawfully.

Dispensation Notices may typically be issued for legitimate works requiring the use of tools and equipment that cannot easily be removed from the vehicle or where the vehicle itself is needed in order to carry out a function e.g. as a mobile power source for other equipment.

However, if it is simply because there is nowhere to park, cheaper than using another form of parking, or the vehicle is only unloading at the beginning and end of the work, a dispensation will not be issued. 

Please contact Mid Sussex District Council, or the Help Point located in East Grinstead library, West Street to discuss your circumstances.

More than 24 hours notice is preferable.

Parking bay suspensions

In certain circumstances the use of parking bay(s) may be suspended to ensure the safe movement of traffic during necessary building or road works and on occasions such as weddings, funerals, etc.

An application for suspension should be made to Mid Sussex District Council with at least 24 hours notice.

Controlled Parking Zones and how and where to buy parking permits
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