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photo of Millennium Seedbank at Wakehurst


Mid Sussex District Council  are administering the Repair and Renew Grant scheme, announced by the government which will provide flood affected homes and business premises with up to £5,000 of grant funding to establish flood resilience measures to reduce the risk of future flooding and/ or minimise the impact of future flooding. All properties flooded between the 1st December 2013 and 31st March 2014 are eligible for support - for more details please download the gudiance notes and application form - click the link here link.docx

The next Cabinet Grants Panel Meeting will take place in January 2015, the deadline for receipt of applications is 16th November 2014.


Capital, Spotlight and Revenue grants applications (including the Community & Economic Development fund) are considered by the Cabinet Grants Panel that meets three times a year. Meetings are usually held in January, May and September.

The Spotlight Programme is intended to put the Council in closer touch with diverse sectors of the community across Mid Sussex and aims to "spotlight" particular parts of the community that may need additional help. Each year the Council will adopt a theme and grants are awarded to voluntary groups working in that particular field that may need additional help for one-off projects, such as funding to purchase an item of equipment or to hold a special event.  Contact the Council's Community Development Officer for information on this year's Spotlight Programme theme.

The Council holds a Section 106 Fund for leisure which can be used to support public art projects, play areas, sports facilities and community buildings. When a new property is built the District Council can charge a levy, often referred to as a Section 106 payment (from Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990) or a developer contribution.  The principle behind the levy is that additional housing causes an increase in population, which leads to an increase in demand for public facilities, such as libraries, schools and parks.  This money often has restrictions attached and can only be used for specific locations.  If you have an idea for a project and want to find out what capital funding is available for your area, please contact the Community Leisure Officer. 

All applications will need to demonstrate how their community activity can help the Council to deliver on its identified priorities. 

You can apply if:

The grant will be of direct benefit to the residents of Mid Sussex District with at least 80% o the people that will benefit from the project being residents of Mid Sussex.

You are a not-for-profit group, a charity, a school (the project must benefit the wider community), a parish or town council (the project must benefit the wider community), a community group/club/society that is properly formed and has a governing document or a constitution, with a bank account and financial records (or financial projections if newly formed).

Your organisation is open to all and has an equal opportunities statement.

We will not fund:

  • Activities promoting political activities
  • Activities promoting religious beliefs
  • General appeals
  • Loan payments
  • Items which only benefit an individual
  • Private organisations operating as a business to make a profit or surplus
  • Local groups and organisations whose fundraising is sent to their Headquarters for distribution to other areas
  • Education, health, or social service activities, where central government, the health authority or county council are the most appropriate funder
  • Activities stemming from national organisations where the parent body is the most appropriate funder
  • Organisations holding more than 9 months' unrestricted reserves
  • Projects which have started or finished

All the information that is needed can be found through the links on the right hand side of this page. 

The application form can be filled in online or printed off and filled in by hand. If you have any queries, then please contact the Council's Community Development Officer (tel: 01444 477495) or contact the Council's Community Leisure Officer (tel: 01444 477275), or email communityinfo@midsussex.gov.uk

Links to finding External Funding Opportunities

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Community Development Officer Tel: 01444 477495

Community Leisure Officer    Tel: 01444 477275

Email: communityinfo@midsussex.gov.uk